Each year we hold a pot luck supper for our wrestlers. At this supper, we give out awards for participating in our program. Every wrestler will receive a certifiacte of recognition signed by the coach. We also give out plaques with a gold plate on the front that has their wrestling record and name on it for the year. In order to qualify for a plaque, wrestlers must meet the following criteria.

First Plaque – 10 Wins or 18 Matches in one season.

Second Plaque – 15 Wins or 24 Matches in one season.

Third Plaque – 20 Wins or 30 Matches in one season.

All plaques after that are 20 wins or 30 matches.

You as a parent to help us keep track of your child/children’s records. You will need to log into your Childs profile on the website and up date his record. Login in Here. Or click on the Login link at the top of this Page. Plaques will be made up late if they are missed! You will be notified of the date and the time of the banquet.

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